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If you are still in doubt please contact vlada@ingcreativesmarket.com


Information on Festival and Dubai

What are the dates of the festival?

11 to 13th April 2018

Am I selected or do you have to review my attendance?

We’ve shortlisted you for the first phase, once the form is filled, we will review it and let you know if you’ve been shortlisted and confirmed for the -ing Creative Festival 2018


What are my expenses?

You will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation, and you will be able to participate in the festival for free, -ing only takes 35 per cent commission on sales.

Who will take care of shipping and logistics?

All shipping of items and logistics of getting the merchandise to Dubai is the full responsibility of the artists

If I brought a friend or partner along?

Friends and partners who you bring along will gain access to the Market Space and be able to help you, we’ll have up to 2 chairs per artist.

As for extra 3-day Passes, those will need to be purchased separately.

What do I get as an Artist at the -ing festival 2018 when confirm?
  • A Table Space | 1.5 by 1 meter in size
  • One 3-day Pass | Friends would need to purchase separately
  • -ing Website Feature | Your Portfolio + Portrait + Bio displayed
  • Program Book Feature
  • -ing Tote Bag Giveaway | Offer our attendees a taste of your works
  • -ing and Artist Collaboration on Social Media
What do you want me to place in the Tote Bag?

We are offering artists like yourself the chance to offer Stickers, Post Cards, Cash Vouchers, and anything of value for attendees.

There is a 1,000 Tote Bags that will offered at the festival, so you would need to offer a 1,000 pieces of whatever you’re hoping to give away.

This is at no extra cost to you, but you need to know that you cannot simply promote your works with for example Business Cards, Flyers, or other forms of promotion, it needs to be indirection Marketing that adds value to attendees as mentioned earlier via things similar to Stickers and Cash Vouchers.

What are Dubai Customs rules about bringing products for sale into Dubai?

Dubai is Duty Free, so you can enter with item(s), yet the best way is to simply say it’s personal to avoid any questioning from Airport Customs.

When would Artist Collaboration on Social Media take place? In the days leading up to the fair, during or after? What kinds of artworks would you be looking for?

We would begin collaborating once you’re confirmed to attend the festival as an Artist.

-ing would work with you on monthly basis, each post would have around 10 days deadline since day of briefing. Around 1 post per month over a period of 3 months.

A schedule will be shared on when exactly you will be sent a brief and when we expect the artwork.

I would like to give a Talk and Workshop, is that possible?

We currently have a long line of Speakers that are interested to speak and very few spots for us to offer, yet we love to learn more nonetheless, so please fill this form here

On the other hand, giving a workshop is something that we think might be a better fit, if you’re interested, please fill the details of your workshop in the same form here we have mentioned earlier.


Registration and Setup

Registration and Setup

10.04.2018, evening.
It is your choice what you set up the evening before. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, yet -ing will not be able to cover your costs if things go missing.

Detailed timing

You will exhibit in all breaks between talks, starting with the first break at 10am and throughout from 14:30 – 10pm daily.

Please be prepared to work from 10am to 10pm (But later we will give you more accurate times when the crowds exactly will be out)


Exhibition Process?

What do I need to bring?

• Yourself 🙂 and your booth number
• The approval form (issued by -ing)
• All items for sale ready
• Price tags in AED (United Arab Emirates currency)
• Packaging for sale items (rubber bands, paper, envelopes, bags)
• Works you would like to sponsor for the attendees’ Tote Bags (stickers, fun postcards, cash vouchers etc)

We suggest you also have

• A book or sketch pad as WIFI may not always be available
• Business Cards
• A pillow to sit on
• Some snacks and drinks (although food will be for sale)


Items will be sold in AED. Please ensure all times are tagged with a price in AED and that you have sent us a list with all sales items with it’s images.

• -ing takes a % commission (the percentage is stated in your Exhibitor Package)
• At the end of every day you will get a receipt with: (How much you earned) – (% -ing Commission) – (Credit Card Fees) = (Total Amount for You)
• After 13th April 10pm you will get an email stating all money you earned. You will receive this amount via bank transfer within two weeks.
(Please note that transfer charges will not be accounted for).

Can I attend other parts of the Creative Festival?

•  As an artist you have access to the Creative Market, Live Music, our Afterparty, and a one 3 day pass to watch the talks (You will need a friend to watch your booth while you visit a talk).

What should I do if I need a break?

Please inform your neighboring artist to watch over your things while you take a short 5 – 10minute break.

If you need more time please leave a note and pack your things away safely. (Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, yet -ing will not be able to cover your costs if things go missing).

What does my booth look like?


Visiting Dubai

Do you cover my flight and hotel?

Flights and hotel are the responsibility of the artist to book and purchase.

General information

Arrival Date | latest 10.04.2018
Departure Date | earliest 13.04.2018 after 10pm Dubai time.
Airport | Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)
From Airport | Apart from Taxis there is a metro station at Terminals 1 and 3 of at the airport (no metro at terminal 2 or at DWC airport). The metro runs until 11pm.

Do you prepare my visa?

It is the responsibility of the artist to take care of their own visa process and costs, yet there are over 40 countries that can enter Dubai visa free, to see the list visit this site

Transport to Venue?

Depends where you will be staying, Google Map “Dubai Design District” and see the best ways to get there

How can I find best the fares for flights and hotel to and in Dubai?


We’ve some recommendations for you:


Hotel | It’s best to use booking.com or Airbnb to find the most suitable hotel. Some areas you recommend are Al Barsha, Bur Dubai, Business Bay for a more reasonable rates and are not too far from the venue.


You can also wait for us to complete a deal with the hotel we’re partnering with where our Speakers will be based at, and we can offer you discounted rates there. We should have that by around early February. And rates will be competitive.

Flights | We recommend you to use Skyscanner

Unanswered questions?

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