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Mr Misang

Mr Misang

Illustrator | South Korea

Mr Misang
Mr Misang
Mr Misang
Mr Misang
Mr Misang
Mr Misang

About Mr Misang



Freelance illustrator.

Making long illustration series named ‘Hello Mr Misang’.


‘Modern Life is a Rubbish’ is the first project of ‘Hello Mr Misang’.


MR MISANG is traveling odd worlds with his friend, Franken AJE.

First world is the city of WORK, MONEY, COMPETITION.



MR MISANG and Franken AJE are in every illustrations. Let’s find them!


instagram : mrmisang

facebook : mrmisang

homepage : www.mrmisang.com



-exhibit :

2015′ 1st SOLO exhibition (Seoul, groupY gallery)

Car wrapping illustration for ‘Day of Hangul’ (Seoul, Gwanghwamoon)

2nd space monster show(Seoul, common ground)


mini SOLO exhibition at Vincent van golo(beer brewery)


-collaborated(Korea) :

ASAF, Torero, GE motors, Gymboree Korea, Cocacola Korea, KBS joy, GQ Korea, Craftbros, artispoon, groupY


-collaborated(international) :

RichTheKid & whoisTEDDY, digitalsojuTV, MadDecent record



-interview & press(Korea) :

Superculture, Typography Seoul, Notefolio Magazine, CA Korea, VISLA


-interview & press(international) :

dpi magazine, Design Ideas, UFUNK, Laboiteverte, Art hunters, Kult magazine

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